Scorn at Supersonic Festival; the Custard Factory, Birmingham October 2011.

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As seen in the Quietus

"Scorn has primarily been the solo dance project of Mick Harris for nearly two decades, creating proto-dubstep over a decade before that genre had been given a name. While this is stiff, asexual, oppressive and aptly named it is still a joy to dance to and contains unbelievable heaviness that happens without having to resort to fairground bass drops a la Skrillex. It’s one of Supersonic’s best shows to date and is only made all the more intense by Chris Plant's hypnotic visuals, which are part Orwellian future broadcast, part Fritz Lang's Metropolis and part unpleasant psychedelic mishap. Harris is a master of delayed gratification and dishes out relief to his audience exactly when they need it rather than when they want it.” - John Doran, the Quietus.